runway_capacity_2008 - Runway Saturation Capacity...

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Runway Saturation Capacity Estimation Using the Analyical Model of Harris Programmer: A. Trani (January 2002) Amendments: 1 7-Apr-03 Corrected formula to estimate E(delta j) Technical Parameters (inputs) Parameter Values Dep-Arrival Separation (nm) δ 2 Common Approach Length (nm) γ 7 Standard deviation of Position Delivery Error (s) σ 20 Probability of Violation Pv 5 Number of Runways Runway Occupancy Cumulative Normal at Pv qv #MACRO? 1 Small Large  Heavy ROT (s) 42 48 55 46.4 E(ROT) Percent Mix 50 30 20 100 Total % Vapproach (kn 100 140 150 Minimum Separation Matrix (nm) Arrivals-Arrivals Airport Type Trailing Large Small Large Heavy Small 2.5 2.5 2.5 Weather Conditions Large 4 2.5 2.5 IFR Heavy 6 5 4 Weather Condition Separation Multiplier Separation Multiplier for Weather Conditions IFR 1 1 VFR 0.8 Error Free Separation Matrix Trailing Small Large Heavy Expected Value Small 90.00 64.29 60.00 E(Tij) Large 216.00 64.29 60.00 122.20 Heavy 300.00 140.57 96.00 Pij Matrix Trailing Small Large Heavy Sum of Pij Small 0.250 0.150 0.100 0.50 Large 0.150 0.090 0.060 0.30 Heavy 0.100 0.060 0.040 0.20 1.00 Buffer Matrix Trailing Small Large Heavy Expected Value Small #MACRO? #MACRO? #MACRO? B(Tij) Large #MACRO? #MACRO? #MACRO? #MACRO? Heavy #MACRO? #MACRO? #MACRO? Augmented Matrix Trailing Small Large Heavy Expected Value Small #MACRO? #MACRO? #MACRO? E(Tij) + B(Tij) Large #MACRO? #MACRO? #MACRO? #MACRO? Heavy
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runway_capacity_2008 - Runway Saturation Capacity...

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