Lecture 5 Toxicology

Lecture 5 Toxicology - Environmental Toxins and Wildlife...

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1 Environmental Toxins and Wildlife Erica A. Miller, DVM Founded in 1976 Oil spill response and wild bird hospital At present location (Newark, DE) since 1993 13 full-time staff (+4-10 PT in summer) Admit approx. 3,000 birds annually Presentations of Wildlife for Rehabilitation Burns Predatory Entrapment Projectile Impact Trauma Prion Fungal Parasitic Viral Bacterial Infectious "Lost" "Foundlings" True orphans Displacement Oil / Pollutants Endocrine Disruptors Natural Poisons Heavy Metals Pesticides Toxins Nutritional Neoplastic Metabolic Other Differentials When to consider toxins More than one animal with similar signs No evidence of trauma or specific disease Location / History Clinical Signs Species Environments Affected Urban / Suburban lawns Agricultural fields Golf Courses Road Sides Waterways…. Species Affected All species, but Birds and Fish are the most sensitive Predators Insectivores Scavengers
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