103 bonus quiz 2010

103 bonus quiz 2010 - 7 Name the scientific names of the 5...

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Name: Elise Kim Section: 0301 ANSC 103: Review Take Home Quiz Please answer the following questions. You can use your notes and write on a separate paper if you chose. This assignment is due MONDAY the 6 th by 2pm . You can pass it in during your lab section or place it in the box outside our office (rm 2131). (Worth 10 points) 1. What is Body Condition Score and how is it used in reference to animal health? 2. Please list the 4 main types of carbohydrates. 3. What are VFAs? What type of animal do they appear in and how? 4. What is Dry Matter and why do we use it? 5. Please describe a cotyledon, caruncle and placentomes. Why are they important? 6. Please draw the hormones of the estrous cycle
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Name the scientific names of the 5 species housed on the farm. 8. Describe how handling cows and pigs roughly will effect their meat quality. 9. Draw a pig with the litter number 46 and pig number 8 10. Name the 3 main ways to control disease (Think of titles in the powerpoint!) 11. Discuss why there is no perfect body condition score. 12. If Dr. Updike asked you to lead a gelding out to the paddock, which animal would you bring to him? 13. Describe the flights zones of the different kinds of cattle housed on the farm. 14. Describe the digestive tract of one of the species on the farm. Be sure to describe all the parts and their functions....
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103 bonus quiz 2010 - 7 Name the scientific names of the 5...

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