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Name: Elise KIm Lab Section: 0301 ANSC 103 Assignment 2 Pick one of the species we have on our farm and please list the following. You will need to watch one individual from the species you chose for at least 30 minutes and list it’s ear tag number below under individual watched. You can write on a separate paper if you chose. This assignment is due NOVEMBER 15 th BY 5PM. You can pass it in during your lab section, place it in the box outside our office (rm 2131), or email it with your name, section and assignment 2 in the subject box. Chosen Species: Horse (Equus ferus caballus) Individual watched: Junior Three signs of good health - eyes are clear and bright - shiny coat (meaning that they are getting their nutrients) - good appetite Three signs of poor health - unusual discharge in the eye or when eyes look dull - manure is loose - swollen limbs Three signs of normal behavior - interested and reactive to feeding and movement of people and other
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Unformatted text preview: animals-head high (meaning that they are alert)-social with other horses Three signs of abnormal behavior-repeatedly lying down and getting up-lethargic-pacing Was your individual healthy? Why or why not (hint: what behaviors prove your point)? I analyzed Junior and he seemed to be healthy because of all the signs of good health and behavior he expressed. When I got to the barn, he looked alert and calm, while he was eating hay and drinking water, which are indications of good health and normal behavior. Also, I believe that he is healthy because his manure looked fully digested and firm. Junior wasn’t lethargic and he didn’t look like he was in pain. As I looked for any abnormal behaviors and signs of bad health, I found a cut on his right croup. However, it didn’t seem to bother him....
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