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Journal_of_Personality - Cusaac FALL 2011 Psych 440.001...

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Cusaac FALL 2011 Psych 440.001 Participation exercise (worth 25 points): *Due on or before November 7, 2011 Keep a journal reflecting on your own personality according to the eight different perspectives. Write how you feel your personality could be explained from each perspective listed below. Incorporate Male/Female, Stress/Health, Culture, and Love/Hate into the eight perspectives as you analyze yourself. Please type. The first entry: Psychoanalytic Aspects In the psychoanalytic aspects, you have ID, ego, superego, denial, repression, rationalization, reaction formation, projection, intellectualization, displacement, sublimation, and regression. My personality could be described using a few of these aspects. The ID is basically described as the pleasure seeking part of a person, which I think most people have. We all want to have things which make us feel good and do things that make us feel good about ourselves. The ego has to do with reality and the superego has to do with morality. I feel like superego is a big part of my personality, as I always try to do the right thing. I am against discrimination, I am vegetarian because I am against animal cruelty, and I just hate anyone or anything being treated the wrong way. I am a bubbly, outgoing person and I just want everyone to be happy, including myself. I do have trouble sometimes dealing with some things though, in which case I can use the defense mechanisms I listed above, in order to deal with those things. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years, though we are trying to talk and figure things out. I feel like I might have used repression a bit, because I had to focus on exams and school work and so I would just push those thoughts away in order to focus. It helps when I need to focus, but it does not help me solve anything either. I use rationalization to try and tell myself that everything happens for a reason. I actually in this case lied, in order to not hurt the other person, as the example is given in the powerpoint. It was wrong and I really regret it, but I learned from that mistake, and I still feel like at the time I did the right thing. Sublimation was also used because I tried to focus my time and thoughts into other activities that were better, such as volunteering and spending time with my family and friends. Overall I am usually a happy person, though I have had a hard past few weeks with school and with relationship troubles. I felt
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like some of those defense mechanisms really helped me to get through it though. The second entry: Neoanalytic Aspects Neoanalytic aspects talks about unconscious in relation to personality, where our unconscious can affect personality, though we are not exactly aware of those thoughts. There are a few archetypes in neanalytic psychology, such as persona and shadow, which I think would fit into many peoples personalities. I feel like we
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Journal_of_Personality - Cusaac FALL 2011 Psych 440.001...

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