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James Montgomery Energy and Climate Change 12-14-2011 Journalism, despite its necessity, is full of bias, inaccuracies, and omissions. Even the best journalists cannot obtain a fully objective standpoint on issues and often reporting turns into a hunt for support; manipulating truths and formulating the peoples opinions for them. A slew of these misdirections can be found in Jeff Jacoby’s strongly worded editorial for the Boston Globe against the existence of climate change titled “B-r- r-r! Where did global warming go?” In the article, Jacoby supports claims against the sound science of CO2, trips over his own logic on global mean temperature and exacerbates the already widespread misunderstanding of climate terminology. These claims, published in a newspaper of worldly note, reduce many readers understanding of climate change to a simple disregard of what could be the most defining facet of our time. When Jacoby quotes scientist Oleg Sorokhtin, he seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of not only the science behind global climate change but of the nature of his own argument. “Carbon dioxide is not to blame for global climate change,” says Sorokhtin, but simple science disagrees. When compared to a vat of air versus a vat of carbon dioxide, the CO2 retains heat far better when introduced to a heat source such as an infrared lamp. This fact, coupled with Jacoby’s later statement that atmospheric CO2 “is up about 4% since 1998,” can only point to the fact that more heat is being retained in our atmosphere. Furthermore, in his arguments against global climate
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JacobyClimateChange - James Montgomery Energy and Climate...

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