11-3 - 11-3 Agriculture the Environment and – The...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-3 Agriculture the Environment and GlobalizationDesertification – The creation of desert like conditions in no desert areas through human and/or environmental causes. Salinization – The accumulation of salts on or in the soil. Sustainable agriculture – Farming practices that carefully manage natural resources and minimize adverse effects on the environment while maintaining farm profits.Contour plowing – follows slopes in a field, rather than cutting across them.Strip cropping – alternates the planting of row crops, such as cotton, with bands of sod crops, such as alfalfa or soybeans.Filter strips – belts of vegetation that surround fields and act to prevent runoffbuffer strips – no-till farming – avoids agitating the soil with tractor-dawn implements that remove weeds, mix in fertilizers, or shape the soil for seeding – all of which can lead to erosion.precision agriculture – employs technologies such as the global positioning system and aerial imagery to measure and map the spatial variation in environmental conditions within a field.organic agriculture – A farming system that promotes sustainable and bio diverse ecosystems and relies on natural ecological processes and cycles, as opposed to synthetic inputs such as pesticides. synthetic inputs such as pesticides....
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11-3 - 11-3 Agriculture the Environment and – The...

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