12-3 - 12.3 Renewable Energy Resources New renewables...

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12.3 Renewable Energy Resources New renewables – Energy sources that include biomass, tidal, solar, wind, and geothermal energy as well as small-scale hydropower facilities but exclude large hydropower facilities because of their significant environmental impacts. Biomass energy – Energy that is obtained from plant matter and/or animal wastes. Methane digester – Specifically designed tanks that are usually placed in ground and have an aboveground opening. People add biomass to the digester, which facilitates the conversion of the biomass into biogas that can be used as a fuel supply for cooking and lighting. Small hydropower (SHP) – Includes those facilities that generate fewer than 10 megawatts of electricity. Passive solar collection – Uses the design of a building and its materials to capture sunlight. Active solar collection – Uses different devices including solar panels, mirrors, or photovoltaic cells to capture, store, or use the sun’s energy. Wind farm – Clusters of wind turbines in an area. Geothermal energy – comes from the interior of the Earth. High pressures combined with the slow radioactive decay of elements in the Earth’s core produce vast amounts of heat. Explain how noncommercial energy spatially differs from commercial energy. Commercial energy has historically been produced largely from fossil fuels, nuclear fuel, or large-scale hydropower facilities. Noncommercial energy Is produced and consumed locally or regionally.
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12-3 - 12.3 Renewable Energy Resources New renewables...

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