Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review - A. 1. 2. 3. 4. ENGR Final Exam Review...

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A. Approach To use in solving a problem May ask to solve a problem using approach or just ask about it. State the problem State what is given State assumptions Clearly show work Check Answer 1. Building an Effective Team Agree Upon Goals Define Clear Roles Define Procedures Develop Good Relationships Define Leadership Roles 2. Dealing with Problems when they arise If you are having trouble, go back to the basics for building an effective teams 3. Time Management Techniques Checklist Basically a “to-do” list for the project, No particular order is required Time Similar to a check list, but tasks must be completed sequentially by milestone dates Appropriate when the team works in unison Gantt Chart 2-D chart with tasks on the horizontal axis and time on the vertical axis Appropriate for complex projects with interdependent tasks Individuals or small groups may be working independently Shows the amount of time allocated to multiple tasks performed in parallel Allows for overlapping time periods Shading can be used for completed tasks so progress can be evaluated at a glance 4. Logbooks Permanent record of all activities related to a design project Typically stored in an archive at the end of a project May be used as evidence of inventorship May be required by your employer Has legal implications A running record of what happened during the project Design Ideas Data Collection and Test Results Success and Failures Should be permanently bound No loose papers Get in the habit of writing everything in your logbook Guidelines Every person working on the project keeps a separate logbook Write in pen (Pencils can smudge/ cross out mistakes no correction fluid) Enter all ideas, calculations, tests, sketches, circuit diagrams, etc. in the logbook Describe what was a done – problem addressed, test performed, etc. Write as though someone else will be reading your documents – a teammate, your
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Final Exam Review - A. 1. 2. 3. 4. ENGR Final Exam Review...

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