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ENGR 13x2 Lecture Assignment 6 Due at the start of class on October 5, 2011 Excel assignment 1 (this is an adaptation of problem 4.56 in Horenstein) You have been asked to develop a budget for an engineering design project. Your salary is $6000/mo. Your technician’s salary is $3500/mo. You will need $5000 for materials and $1200 for travel. All projects are required to charge 8% of direct costs (salary, material, and travel) for clerical support. In addition, you must charge 20% of direct costs for overhead. Assuming that the total budget cannot exceed $50000, what is the maximum number of person-months that you will be able to charge to the project? Your technician should work at least half-time on this project. (This means that if you are billed for two person-months, your technician should be billed for at least one person-month.) Use goal seek to solve this problem. Submit a copy of your spreadsheet output. It should be printed on one page. Label your data and format cells appropriately (currency shown
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Unformatted text preview: with $, limit number of decimal places shown, etc.) Your spreadsheet output must include the total project cost, clerical cost, overhead cost, # of person-months for you, # of person-months for your technician, total salary cost for you, and total salary cost for your technician. Excel assignment 2 Problem 4.58 in Horenstein (do not use VBA to solve this problem) Label your data and format cells appropriately. I should be able to see the main steps in your calculuations. Submit a one page printout of your spreadsheet for each of the following user entries: 1. Width of large roll = 0.5m, length of large roll = 1500m, 15% 12-shot, 45% 24-shot, 40% 36-shot. 2. Width of large roll = 1.5m, length of large roll = 500m, 5% 12-shot, 5% 24-shot, 90% 36-shot. 3. Width of large roll = 2.0m, length of large roll = 2000m, 35% 12-shot, 35% 24-shot, 30% 36-shot. Be sure to follow the homework submission guidelines in the syllabus...
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