Spring 2011 Exam 3

Spring 2011 Exam 3 - Name: _______________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: _______________________________ CWID #:_________________ Section Number:_______ ENSC 2113 – SPRING 2011 - EXAM #3 EACH PROBLEM IS WORTH 25 POINTS. BOX YOUR ANSWERS AND PROVIDE PROPER UNITS, WHERE APPLICABLE. CALCULATIONS AND FREE BODY DIAGRAMS MUST BE SHOWN THAT SUPPORT THE ANSWER TO RECEIVE CREDIT. 1) Calculate the equations for the internal shear force and bending moment for the loading on the beam below. 1 2) Block A has a weight of 600 lb and block B has a weight of 500 lb. Determine the smallest force, P that must be applied for impending motion. The coefficient of static friction between the blocks is 0.3 and between the floor and the blocks is 0.5. 2 3) Determine the moment of inertia of the shaded area about the y-axis by integration. State which method is used and label the diagram accordingly. 3 4) Draw the shear and bending moment diagrams for the loading condition below. Label all diagrams appropriately. 4 ...
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