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quiz2spr01 - single cell.as drawn ~ x Note the direction...

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,,~ Quiz 2 ENGSC 3313, Spring 2001 Name E2l.4 is a representation of symmetry; the number of times in a 360° revolution that the initial perspective is repeated. Hence: AA BB CC DD 2 fold 3 fold 4 fold 1 fold I I \ , B A 2 Please calculate the linear density along [111] in BCC Cr. R = 0.1249 nIn. report your answer in gm/cm. Avogadro's number is 6.02 x 1023amu. Cr = 52.00 aInu. Please ~= cell mass length Linear density = = 3.45xlO-15 ~ cm 3. Cr fonns a BCC crystal, has an atomic mass of 52.00 amu, an ionic radius of 0.063 nm and an atomic radius of 0.125 nm. Predict the density ofCr in gm/cm3. Avogadro's number is 6.023 x 1023. ~= unit cell
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With origin at '0', the axial intercepts are 00, 1 and hence, as drawn. Recollect we take reciprocals for planes. For the direction, we go 3,3,1 or 1,1, 1/3 to keep it in the
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Unformatted text preview: single cell. . .as drawn! ~ x Note the direction lies in the plane, thence hu + kv + .ew = ° 0.3+13+3.1=0 The ionic radius of nickel is 0.069 nm Calculate the packing factor of the FCC ionic compound NiO. and of oxygen is 0.140 nm. 5 Volume of Atoms (FCC so 4 of each per cell) (FCC so 2Rl + 2R2 = a) =Q.1.Q The cell sketched is tetragonal (a = b ;t: c ; a = J3 = l' = 900). Identify the direction sketched ~ state how .many directions are equivalent by symmetry . ..belong to the same family. 6. From start to end of line in cell, we go 0, Y2, I z The direction is, thus [012], clearing fractions. We cannot change the position of the '2', as the c axis is not equivalent to the a and b. y x Hence, we have (012], ...as sketched. 4...
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