quiz2spr2000 - [120[120[210 and[210 On top face we go from...

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ENGSC 3313, Spring 2000 Quiz 2 Name Identify the location of the 2 fold s~etIy axes in a cube. How many are there? 1 6. Connect the mid-points of opposite edges! How many atoms are there permm2 in the {110} plane ofFCC nickel of atomic radius 0.1246 nm? 2. Draw the lattice plane (302) and the lattice direction (203) in a cubic unit cell. 3, ~: Intercepts on x, y, and z axes I 1 . I Th are -,00, --, respectIve y. us, 3 2 draw plane para1lel to y axis. x Direction: To keep in 1 cell, divide by 3, so largest number is 1. Then, select an origin and proceed l ~ )x, Oy and lz , as shown
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~', 2. ...~" Draw all the directions of the form <120> in a tetragonal unit cell (a = b * c ; a. = 13 = y = 90°) 4. The 'c' value is fixed as it is not equivalent to a or b in the tetragonal cell, so the possibilities are
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Unformatted text preview: [120], [120], [210] and [210]. On top face, we go from one comer to middle of opposite edge. Changing sign right through changes sense of same line in space. Calculate the packing factor of the FCC compound LiP, the ionic radii are 0.068 and 0.133 nm respectively. 5. Volume of Atoms P.F. = Volume of Cell FCC compound, hence 4 of each per cell and 2R. 2r=a 4. j7t (0.0683 + 0.1333) 23(0.068 + 0.133)3 PF= PF=~ Calculate the density of CsCl. Avogadro's number is O.6022x1024, the a.m.u. are Cs = 133 Cl = 35.5. The ionic radii are Cs = O.169nm and Cl- = O.181nm. Recollect that CsCl does ,nQ! have the same crystal structure as NaCl. 6. = 4.24 Mg/m3...
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quiz2spr2000 - [120[120[210 and[210 On top face we go from...

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