Fall2002Quiz3 - ENSC 3313, Fall 2002 Quiz 3 Name newer an 4...

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Unformatted text preview: ENSC 3313, Fall 2002 Quiz 3 Name newer an 4 nestions on] 1 point each f-‘-. l. The micrograph below shows the crystal grains in a metal at Eflflx. Please determine the ASTM grain size number. The magnification is EDD, so I will see only a quarter of theme I would see in l“ 1-: l” at lhflx, so eitherl can draw my 1" x 1” unit and multiplyr by 4 or draw a 2" x 2” unit. as here. I count 2 123. N=2“_1=123=2T and His; 54 Describe clearly 4 types of crystal do For example: , rowers or Vacant lattice site — niissin ' I Foreign ator_n, on lattice site - impurity Dislocation — line discontinuity, edge or screw typos gimp bound-an; — lattice mismatch where 2 mowing eryflals impinge m — atoms lack bonds in outwards direction, hence surface energy Volume detect — inclusion, gas bubble, shrinkage cavity 3. _ Rank the sulnbilities of Silver {As}. Lithium and Sodium in Gold (Au). {i.e. Most soluble to least soluble}. Defend your answer. Radius Cm. Tyne Eal. Em All I3.14141 hm FCC 1+ 2.4 A3 (11444 nrn FCC l l 1.9 Li [1151an ECC 1+ 1.“ Na ll. 1 I55? 11111 BCC 1+ 0.9 Size. crystal type and electronegativity favor Ag over Li or Na. Size strongly favors Li over Na and electronegativity slightly favors Li over Na. So we predict Li is more soluble than Na even though neither would be very soluble. AgPLi-‘r-Na {,1 C} of copper and tin in which about 3 afo of the copper atoms are roplaecd percent tin in a 3 ar'o Sn bronze? The amn are Co = 63.54, Sn = 113.59. Bronze is a solid solulion alloy by tin atoms. What is the weight Consider 111111 atoms total. "b Mass of copper = 9?(fi3.54] - 61153 emu Mass oftin —' 3(1 13.551) — 351i emu Weight percent tin = Eur:3155%><Irlri_- 55 win Tho diffusivin of copper in not: A] is an x 111'” mile at afloat: and 2.0 x Calculate the activation energy.r in joules per mole. R = 3.314 Ifmole—K D = Due—9”“ “1 _-2 i_ .1_ "luri— Rir. 1;] Q:43_314}1n[ax1o‘13][4__ij" r-x 2 x 10‘” 8T3 6T3 1o” mails at 4oo°c. = me x lo5 meole Calculate the number ol‘Fe2+ ions per rnoio of 13:030. # moles area“ + # moles area“ = on: 3 {a moles oFFe3+} + an: moles one? ') _- 2 :> # moles oI'Feh = £1.85 2: [1.85 mole 1'1:1+ x = 5.12 x1113" Fezl mole ...
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Fall2002Quiz3 - ENSC 3313, Fall 2002 Quiz 3 Name newer an 4...

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