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Unformatted text preview: " " ~".J: ; '"-'~ ENGSC 3313, Spring 2000 Quiz 7 Name Answer any 4 Questions only, 1 point each Please explain the following temls: (a) austenite, (b) pearlite, (c) bainite, and (d) martensite. austenite Rearlite ~ The FCC elevated temperature form of iron, called y iron The eutectoid decomposition product of austenite, comprising lamellae of ferrite and iron carbide An alternative nucleation and growth decomposition product of austenite comprising ferrite plates or needles and a fine carbide precipitate at the plate boundaries. It is formed at lower temperatures than pearlite (Ref. TTT curve) The distorted BCT structure formed by quenching steel from the austenite region martensite Please provide an appropriate explanatory caption for this text Figure 9-6.6. ~r; 1~ 2. " c¥~, ~' " c",c'c' This is an example of a manu- factured object needing high strength, hence is made of a low alloy steel quenched to martensite and tempered to give some toughness. An alloy steel is needed to provide hardenability.to provide hardenability....
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quiz7spr2000 - " " ~".J: ; '"-'~ ENGSC...

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