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ro Quiz 9 Name ENSC 3313, Fal12001 Answer anv 4 Questions only, 1 point each 1 The following subjects have arisen recently in class when we covered polymers and composites. Explain the relevance of each. a) chicken feathers, b) Dusseldorf, c) Malaysia, d) a space shuttle. a) Hair, nails and feathers are made of the same polymer. They are rigid if cross-linked with sulfur. An easy indication of this is the sulfur smell when chicken feathers are burned. b) Polymers are mainly hydrogen arid carbon compounds, so tend to be flammable. There have been many fatalities because of fires involving plastics. One such incident was at Dusseldorf airport in April 1996 when plastic insulation was set alight by a welding torch causing 14 fatalities. c) The major source of Natural Rubber, stereoregular cis polyisoprene. d) Many composites are used on the space shuttle. See overhead projector diagram 20-11. For examnle, graphite/epoxy payload door. discussed this issue in class. Ex~lain the relevance and context to this course,
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quiz9fall01 - ro ENSC 3313,Fal12001 Answer 1 anv 4...

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