Qz9-F02 - Z 3 Quiz 9 Name_ _ ENSC 33131 Fall 211112 Answer...

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Unformatted text preview: Z 3 Quiz 9 Name_ _ ENSC 33131 Fall 211112 Answer any 4 questions only, 1 point each the “Deformation of Polymers" seetion of a Materials Seienee test. P". The figure ’oelo‘ar was taken from an explanation of the ideats) being illustrated. Please give (a) an appropriate title, and {h} e a Creep Polymeric materials tend, under ‘-—J> constant stress. to slowly deform. a}; m 2. You were shown this diagram on the overhead projector. What have I hlaeked out? Tell about the diagram theme. EXAMPLE, PI' PIPE .7 h .........:t \k t \\ ereep when used The theme is that tltemioplastie polymers are time above their glass transition temperature. The properties dependent, lienee time is a design consideration. 3. if the stress relaxation time of a polymer is I year at ETC. 1 month at 4G°C. what do you reckon it would he at TU°C? The expectation is that the relaxation time deereases exponentially with increasing temperature. over a “reasonably’ limited temperature range. If It is the relaxation time it = reed“ ass s ease-’2‘“ J. 1 i 35 1 =+ [F_ _] =1 'l I] L: 1 -1.": at SB] C 293 313 C 13 1" anti 3‘ 634x112} F t= 6.34 X. 13' momma“ = 1.11 days 5. What is this about? Why only :5 PETE HDPE y * 1 did discuss this in classl The symbols. Plastic containers must f or recycling. “‘ 'l'hc ti identified are the “tonnage” commodity piast Design a graphite - Eglass E {GPa} T5 [GPa} Glass m 4.4 Graphite Till] 2 .4 Epoxy 3.5 til Rule of mixture: E {composite} =- 133 - 3,5 1.3 = f}. 12 -'r 4,4}; 4- 14}: T3 {Cfimpoeite} = [Stomponents - l = .r. + y + 3 3 equations. 3 unknowns How many kg of S are needed to cross presuming the S is 90% efficient. l-‘or cot-rip - epoxy composite (uniaxial) of strength 1.3 G 14 identified categories? £5 (.3 Lupe PP so are SP1 [Society of the Plastic Industry} haye one of th a and ASTM recycling ose symbols on the hottorn if they are to be sorted ics. All others are little used in comparison. Pa and E 130 (Lil‘s. State W. Fraction .1: y z z + to; | Why in: = 3.16, }-'=D.32_. :=l'l.52 link 5% of the sites in lUthII kg of polyhutadierie, (til-lb)“, Thearnnareflelfifr— l2,S=32. lete cross linking need 13 per 1 polyhutadiene 32 kg of 3 per 54 kg of polyloutadienc 593 kg ot'S per lflflfl kg of polyhutadiene For 5"o cross linking 29.7 kg of S per lfltlll kg of polyhutadienc At 913% Efficient my 29.? ‘fl 9— =' 52.9 kg of S ...
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Qz9-F02 - Z 3 Quiz 9 Name_ _ ENSC 33131 Fall 211112 Answer...

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