Qz10-F02 - 25' 1"- ouiz to Name__ ENSC 3313, Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: 25' 1"- ouiz to Name__ ENSC 3313, Fall Elli]! answer ans 4 guesgp‘ as onlv, 1 point each r .. " aluminum contents have a superior corrosion I understand that odppfit‘ebase Coral alloys with “low resistance to those of “1111;311erh aluminum contents. Explainl What do I mean by “low”? The theme is one-phase 1ii'ersus two-phase alloys. Aron-Its percent stun-inna- ' " ff“ . . The latter would have mieroeells to facilitate corrosion. Alloys of below w 9% aluminum would be one “— phase (at). They are known as alumintnn bronze and have good coirosion resistance. Tmltmlme " 'Iempm-amre. 'I:'_' :| I -- _ . Cu “0 Ht *9 tau 5'3 fl 3-“ 33' ltl Cmpmmn-r; we: The diagram is from another text. Please provide a suitable explanatory caption, The dark gray ‘bloeks' on the figure are labeled Zn and Pt, respectively. !'~' if" Touch in the standard electrode potential "’3 ' series, everything is compared to RU" _ hydrogen that has a reference potential of zero. This illustrates the experimental set up with inert platinum as the “connection”. pa rflfl‘Lflllflft eo'lantlt-l of sin: priests or on; rest eetii. lvirulm' commenting of its on: one the mine meaning 5 Pt ole-strode In 3 trials: IEFEE taste is m to scam the tats: eat: wrestle. his expansionist warm in: deteminirs one containing its distal 5F a commutes of H‘ ism and bubbling hydrogen gas. a e. onosion resistance, the toughest carbon steel the worst. Why? 3. The hardest carbon steel has the best e Hardest = M attonsite = 1 phase = No microcells Toughest = Tempered Martensite = Fine 2 phase structure = Matt}? niicrooells Psi—'2 Yuk! 2G» 4. l I understand that there are about 1.? rniliinn miles at buried pipelines in Martin America. The}: weutd be wrapped {nrpieatl}: with a eeai—tar epoxy mating] is provide a banter against eerresieri. Wig, theretbre, is an impressed ere-rent applied as weit'i’ H'nw dees an impressed current system work? * Te prm-‘lde een-nsieu preteetien at seating det'eets (sailed “helidu_ys"}. ’ "N petine tn rnake it the eat‘nude at the * an impressed DC. current presides eteetrens tn the at system. Cathedes den“t ennede. The. prtiblcms were a eernbinatien of corrosion and fatigue. This was a plane that underwent many shert flights between the Hawaiian islands - it had undergene abeut ESJIlflfl ground-sin ground cycles with eenespend in g eabin pressurizatiens, benee eyeiie stresses. Fingers cracks-M developed at a line at rivr. beles as here ereviee eurrusien was DCGUI'E'iflg through espesnre tn salt water and chlorine inns that are harmful tn aluminum. I1 pmpl-c and e; Ema-1:5 a_l|.'§:|!| emanates '.5 ear rte-Mn hear: the pint .n'it!---:t ‘- :atim'fH — Parse-eaten. an: i‘h"nt1_hfirstacniijnuiin resent-ear. ett'. nti'r _- __ I “.qu a“; :5 me Mai-.5. air-hue: 'I.eEL"!',"‘..:'II:||.:.'I.' -. swan ......t.., a :afl- lie-aims Thurser tl-‘itl'll' in‘it}: weir? —- It is measured by- the d. Engineers responsible for buried pipelines need in knew the seil resist the potential drnp [113} is measured dvein methed. An AC eurrenr (I) is applied names the enter pins and aei'nss the inner pair, p — Ennis-“I. Cutrusinn is eieetreehernieali Ar: eleetrulyte Pmflhka AIS- nanlmtrir :m is needed. This is the sail. If the resistivity is --| 72 it)" D are. the soil is a peer eleetrelyte and l | eenesien is minimal. .fit resistivity {if {i 10" fl 1 l sin is “bad news.” 1 Sahematie Wanner nit-pin aepemus for measuring suii resistivity. ...
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Qz10-F02 - 25' 1"- ouiz to Name__ ENSC 3313, Fall...

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