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~ ".'. ~. ;" ~~ ENGSC 3313, Fall 1999 Jcic~~,~, Quiz 11 Name Answer any 4 Questions only 1 Provide an appropriate explanatory caption for this diagram. Compare Figure 12-2.2, text about domain closures, so that the magnetic flux path is maintained within the crystal. Figure 22.2 Several domain st"uctures of a solid. each hav- ing zero net magnetization. (a) (b) (c) 2. The Figure below was taken from the Magnetic materials section of a Materials Science text. Of the two materials being represented, which would you select for the core cf an AC motor. Defend your answer. The area inside the hysteisis loop represents the energy consumed in each cycle. Since an AC current cycles 60 times per second ( 50 in Europe) the energy loss can be very significant. Therefore, we would select the soft magnetic material. Hard H- 3. What theme are they illustrating here? Explain! Also, what is the chemical fonnula of the compound? ,:;: Antiferromagnetism.
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quiz11spr2000 - ~ ~ ~. ".'. ;" ~ Jcic~,~, ENGSC...

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