exam1fall01 - " (0( ENSC 3313, Fal12001 .=nswer I....

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(0( " ENSC 3313, Fal12001 TEST 1 Name ...=nswer alll O questions~ 2 points each. I. The element Cf54 is sold by the Atomic Energy Commission for $1 a/microgram ( one millionth of a gram) and has a half-Iife of 55 days. Please consider a one-milligram sample. If the sample is prepared and shipped via over night delivery, what is the value of the material that decays during the 24 hours of shipping? -1 -t A -55 A In {0.5)= => .A. = 79.35 day A = (1000 J.lg)ems = 987.5 J.lg $10 (1000- 987.5) J.lg x -= $125 J.lg = 2 Wavelengths shorter than 225 nanometers are strongly absorbed by the valence electrons of diamond's carbon atoms, which then move to the conduction band and can produce a "response" signal. What band gap, E, (energy change 1lE) does this correspond to? Answer in electron volts please. Know that Planck's constant, h = 0.662 x 10-33 I.s, and leV = 0.160 x 10-18 I. The velocity of light = 0.299 x 109 mls. ~=~ I.. Substituting AB = = 5.5 eV 3 What is the coordination number for cesium cWoride? ~ that the radius ratio 0.732 is significant. There are 8 equivalent nearest neighbors. This is the
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This note was uploaded on 01/10/2012 for the course ENSC 3313 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '11 term at Oklahoma State.

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exam1fall01 - " (0( ENSC 3313, Fal12001 .=nswer I....

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