exam2spr2000 - ~, , t',~ ,~. ENGSC 3313, Spring 2000 Answer...

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~, t',~ ,,~. Name , ENGSC 3313, Spring 2000 TEST 2 Answer alll O Questions. 2 Doints each. This stress-strain plot is from a cylindrical test specimen of 2" gauge length and 0.505" diameter . Determine a) The yield strength by the 0.1% proof stress method, b) The elastic modulus, c) The peak ~, d) The final gauge length at fracture. a) Drawing a line parallel to the initial slope, at an offset of 0.001, I get an intersection at -R. .k§! . b) The initial slope is -22,000/0.002 -1lxlQ6 psi c} (Peak Load/Area) = TS UO.2 = 58,000 L -11.600 lbf d) The strain is 3%; the gauge length is 2" so the elongation is ~", the final gauge length is 2.,QQ , , . Show that in a rod extended to twice its length in tension, or compressed to half its length, the true strains but not the engineering strains are equivalent. O.5x -x x The engineering strains would be (for an initial length x) 2x-x = +M com~ression :-0.5 tensIon x The true strains would be tension R.n2 = + 0.693 comllression R.n(1/2) = :- 0.69] Note that tensile strains give positive values, compressive strains give negative values. For pure Cu, the 50% recrystallization time is 1 min. at 162°C and 100 min. at 97°C. Please calculate
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exam2spr2000 - ~, , t',~ ,~. ENGSC 3313, Spring 2000 Answer...

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