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Wesley McLaughlin Article Review December 1 st . 2010 Review of: The Dangers of Deficit Reduction by Joseph E. Stiglitz The main issue of concern in this article is the current U.S. Economy in a broad sense. Specifically this article is about the concerns and dangers of cutting spending during a major budget deficit. I will tell you about my specific thoughts on this article as well as relate it to our current book work. The United States’ current situation of over spending with little coming out of it needs to be fixed. The author of this article, Joseph E. Stiglitz, believes that if not for government spending the economy would have went into another Great Depression. I think that we should have let some of the banks fail to regulate the economy and let the economy re-strengthen itself. Also I think that the bailout was a massive over spending with little regulation. Lastly I believe we should quit spending so much money abroad and stick to worrying about protecting our country and less about other military matters when our economy is in the place it is in (in 2009
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EC Article Review - Wesley McLaughlin Article Review...

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