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Transportation Technologies Memorandum TO: Joan Wright, Technical Writer FROM: Wesley McLaughlin, Editor in Chief Date: October 18 th , 2011 Subject: Final Decision on RFB Response After reviewing the current situation and disputes between you, Joan Wright, and Allen Geer in the Engineering, the editing department has decided that the following corrections need to be made to be ethical but still give the company a chance at getting the bid. The editing department and I looked at the ethics of both versions of the proposal and felt that not disclosing everything we know even it if loses us the bid is the most ethical thing to do when running a company. We understand the need to be competitive in our industry, but also realize that companies like Enron do not last, and we don’t want to go down like that and take all of our employees with us. The first claim that the rail car “travel at speeds in excess of 250 mph.” that the trip from New Haven to NYC will take an hour, seems like a blatant lie to us. My wording would say the following, “The new rail
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