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Overall the research done in this class has taught me a lot about writing as well as medical marijuana at Washington State University. The university is looking out for its best interests by banning medical marijuana usage/possession on campus. Because federal and state marijuana laws are not the same, the United States Government has the right to take away funding from the University for supporting medical marijuana even though state law says it is legal. I started out writing this paper thinking that the University was being harsh and not reasonable but figured out without this federal funding many of the programs we have at the
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Unformatted text preview: school could lose key professors or even whole colleges. Now I believe they focus needs to be put on the federal government and more advocates of medical marijuana need to step up. While doing this they should prove that there have not been any findings of marijuana being any worse for you than tobacco, or alcohol which are both legal. Also there are many upsides for the government by legalizing this. From high tax revenues to ending the illegal pot trade in the streets, as well as spending tax payer dollars on busting these dealers....
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