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The research problem I am planning to tackle this semester is discrimination against medical marijuana patients on Washington State University’s Pullman campus. What’s wrong? I believe if your doctor prescribes you something you should be able to have it and your school shouldn’t get to tell you what to do. I almost feel as if it is taking people’s rights away. What’s lacking? Information on why this rule was put into place. Also lacking is whether this is constitutionally legal. Lastly I would like to understand what the difference between living on campus and living
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Unformatted text preview: one block off of campus is. What’s unknown? I don’t know why the school doesn’t want medical users to have marijuana on campus. It makes sense that the University wouldn’t want students illegally smoking on campus but if you are prescribed I am not sure why they won’t allow it. Who benefits from the problem being resolved? The patients that are prescribed marijuana will benefit from the problem being resolved....
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