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Rhetorical problem solving - Recently however, Mason has...

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TO: James Peterson FROM: Wesley McLaughlin, Personal Relations Committee DATE: September 23, 2011 SUBJECT: Peter Mason’s Work Performance I’m recommending that Peter Mason to be relieved from his duties as regional sales director and be demoted to assistant director, until he retires. This will relieve some of his work load and raise his performance. Joseph Doakes would then replace him as regional sales director in the Consumer Products Division. Peter Mason has been a loyal employee for twenty five years with Omni International in the Consumer Products Division. He is currently a regional sales director in that division.
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Unformatted text preview: Recently however, Mason has been underperforming. Peter’s sales were down 5% last quarter; he has missed two meetings with sales representatives, and has missed seven days of work in the last month. His work has just become too overwhelming for him at that age. Within my recommendation for him to step down to assistant director, he would still get to retire at 65 and get the pension he wants, but would take a lower work load, less hours, and a 10% decrease in salary. This seems to be the best option to keep Mason happy, as well as looking out for the best interests of the company. WM...
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