MGTOP 301 Test 3 SG - MgTop 301 Exam#3 Use and value of...

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MgTop 301 Exam #3 Use and value of theories o Theories are research based o Not all theories are compatible, correct or always dependable o Theories can help you as a future manger by systematic approach Classic Management Theories o Management theories are not fully proven solutions but strongly supported by research data o You can best use management theory knowledge by using a systematic approach to analyze and solve your own management problems o 1. Scientific Management Frederick Taylor Four guiding action principles Develop for every jobs a “science” that included rules of motion, standardized work implements, and proper working conditions o Time and Motion Studies (efficiency) Carefully select workers with the right abilities for the job o Job Simplification (expertise) Carefully train workers to do the job and give them the proper incentives to cooperate with the job “science” o Work standards and incentive pay (employee motivation and compensation) Support workers by carefully planning their work and by smoothing the way as they go about their jobs o Employee selection and training (employee support) o 2. Bureaucracy Max Weber Bureaucracy-is a rational and efficient form of organization founded on logic, order, and legitimate authority How to organize better, hierarchy Division of Labor (specific skills)-jobs are well defined, and workers become highly skilled at performing them Logic and order (authority and responsibility)- authority and responsibility are well defined for each position, and each position reports to a higher- level one Impersonal Systems (by-the-book)-rules and procedures are impartially and uniformly applied, with no one receiving preferential treatment Merit-based Mgt. (Efficiency and performance)-workers are selected and promoted on ability competency, and performance, and managers are career employees of the organization Formal rules and procedure-written guidelines direct behavior and decisions in jobs, and written files are kept for historical record Responsible for biggest ‘games’ in the business world o Hawthorne Studies
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Led to human relations theories 1. When and where were the initial studies conducted? Hawthorne Plant, 1924 Chicago Western Electrics Referred to the beginning of the “human relation” management theories Why were they initially undertaken? To find if working conditions impacted productivity What results did the Hawthorne Studies first find? Showed no relationship between lighting and performance What did Elton Mayo do in 1927? New research design to reduce psychological effects What results did his researchers find? Productivity increases regardless of what was changed
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MGTOP 301 Test 3 SG - MgTop 301 Exam#3 Use and value of...

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