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Expectancy Theory M = E*I*V o Without any one of the three later parts, motivation cannot occur Motivation o The end product o Accounts for the level, direction, and persistence of effort expended at work Expectancy o If employers expect more than the employees will have a high output o Expect employees to put in the effort to achieve necessary goals o Hire more competent employees, to have better results have adequate training techniques, providing support to workers if needed, and create goals for employees to achieve Instrumentality o By setting goals and achieving them you can reward employees with monetary or physical items, or acknowledgement in the workplace (at company meetings etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: Make tasks clear to employees Let employees know what you expect from them Give out incentives for doing a good job Valence o Making sure the rewards you are giving actually relate to the good job that they did, as well as rewards your employees actually want Figure out what each of your employees likes receiving in addition to their regular salary (in a survey possibly) Change around how you are going to give rewards related to the job they did E = Training and development, I = linking rewards to productivity, and V = matching rewards offered with individual wants and needs...
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