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Portfolio Level Group Assignment

Portfolio Level Group Assignment - • Global strategies to...

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Group 17 Portfolio Level Assignment 1) The purpose of planning at portfolio level? To allocate resources effectively within the corporate level To make sure everyone feels like they are involved To make sure you have the best mix of investments possible Bigger picture of company goals and objectives To organize your portfolio before investing begins To have each company that you own benefiting the overall parent company goals Having equal values but different (diversified missions) To be able to understand how to use your strategic options to your advantage and what tools are needed 2) The strategic options at the portfolio level? Always keep consumers in mind, when purchasing different businesses, you want to purchase companies that have stuff people want Evaluating profits/losses of each company and if their products are just fads and which companies will be successful in the long run and have good business models
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Unformatted text preview: • Global strategies to grow company worldwide vs. home country • If you have good market growth within a company we will be most likely to expand that company 3) How to use the BCG matrix at the portfolio level? • Bring together all company CEO’s to a meeting and talk about different things that are going right and wrong in their companies and decide if you want to cut, grow, or invest in new companies • KEYWORD = POTENTIAL • Start with BCG matrix, then build your strategic purpose, and lastly figure out your three strategic options • If you are going to invest in a question market company, look at market trends and the products they create, if they have a good business model, and if it will make our parent company more diversifiable • Co-operative or joint strategies to not take as much risk but still have high potential in questionable companies...
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