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MY STUDY GUIDE (MIDTERM) - Study Guide Answers Its a flat...

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Study Guide Answers It’s a flat world – Thomas Friedman o Globalization 1.0 1492-1810, countries look to expand o Globalization 2.0 1820-2000, companies look to expand o Globalization 3.0 2000 – present, individuals and small groups look to interact o 10 Flatteners Collapse of the Berlin Wall End of cold war, economies meet for first time Netscape First widely used web browser Workflow software Machines talk to other machines Open sourcing Self organized collaboration Out sourcing Digitalization, seek cheap, smart, and efficient providers Off shoring Moving entire factories to foreign country Supply chaining Walmart RFID In sourcing UPS does internal work for other companies Informing Search engines provide universal access to info “Steroids” Wireless, VoIP, file sharing for collaboration tools, digital, mobile, and virtual and personal tech explodes o Triple convergence 10 flatteners converged in 2000 Horizontilization – Better management and infrastructure India, China, and Russian join the flat world (300 million ppl) o Challenges to U.S. as result of a flat world Smarter workers abroad Cheaper work abroad More efficient work abroad Web 2.0 – Tim O’Reilly o Principles Web as a platform Netscape, flagship web browser Google, standard bearer for search engine
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Contrasting business models Harnessing collective intelligence Hyperlinking, growth of web connections
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