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Sharepoint Essay - Even employers and schools are now...

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Wesley McLaughlin MIS 171 Online Privacy Issues 02/14/2011 Online privacy has always been a major issue for as long as I remember using computers. Even back in the day when I used AOL instant messenger I remember my mom would get mad when I would post what I was doing as my away message. Now with MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, you can check and see what every single one of your friends is doing within seconds. This creates some major concerns for some people, mostly parents in my eyes. Your Facebook profile has your e-mail, phone number, pictures, and what you are doing at any current point in time listed online. If you aren’t careful enough to set your account to private then everyone on the web can access this information. Personally I find this to be a little to revealing, and make sure that only my friends can see my profile.
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Unformatted text preview: Even employers and schools are now looking at Facebook profiles to see if they should hire or let a prospect in to their school. The newest Facebook privacy issue I have read about online has to do with new their new Apps. If you want to use an App you have to accept their request for permission. Once this is done that third party has access to whatever is on your profile. Who knows what they plan to do with that information, but don’t get too worried your information is still protected by privacy rules on Facebook. Overall I believe people need to be more careful than ever about protecting themselves when using the internet. Cited Works Wong, George. "Facebook privacy issues at a new all time high." Ubergizmo . http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/01/facebook-privacy-issues/, 01/17/2011. Web. 14 Feb 2011....
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Sharepoint Essay - Even employers and schools are now...

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