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Phil 435, Philosophy and Architecture E/W, Fall, 2011 No: Show and Tell #4 Names: David Sroufe, Billy Ray Birge III, Wesley McLaughlin Location: Pullman Title: Authenticity in Architecture Written Response: Being authentic is having a claimed and verifiable origin or authorship; not counterfeit or copied. h t t p : / / w w w. a n s w e r s . c o m / t o p i c / a u t h e n t i c In architecture this seems to us that it directly relates to Plato’s Cave Theory from previous studies. Authenticity is shown by only the original creator of any certain type of building. Everyone beyond that original creation is only making “copies” or “counterfeit” buildings. For our example from outside of class we decided to use the Luxor Hotel, in Las Vegas, NV. On the left we have a picture of an authentic Egyptian pyramid,
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Unformatted text preview: and on the right the Luxor Hotel. These two photos are almost mirror images, yet they are half way across the world from each other and one was created thousands of years after the other. It seems as though some architects love and work to be authentic. On the other hand, some architects are fine with copying previous material to renew the look of something previously created, because they are confident they will make a lot of money and won’t have to take the time to think up a new idea. < > < > Question: Do you think that people in America care about originality, or enjoy the nastalgia of copying buildings from milleniums ago?...
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