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Wesley McLaughlin PSYCH 105/Memento EX. Credit 12/04/2011 For my extra credit assignment I watched the movie Memento. In this movie it takes a look at Leonard’s life in two perspectives; one going backwards, and one going forward. Leonard had an accident when he thinks that two attackers broke in and killed his wife, and then Leonard killed one of the attackers, yet the other one escaped. Since the attack when he got hit in the head he has had no short term memories , the last thing he remembers is his wife’s death. Everyday Leonard comes into contact with Teddy aka John G, as well as Natalie. Everyday Leonard wakes up with one thing in mind is except to get revenge on the second attacker who got away when his wife was killed. In one perspective he kills Teddy “John G” toward the very beginning of the movie. In this scene Natalie tells him that Teddy is lying to him and that really he is the second attacker. Teddy tells Leonard that he was the cop who
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Unformatted text preview: helped him catch the second attacker and get revenge on him. However he doesn’t listen. In the other perspective of the movie Teddy hides out in Leonard’s car in Natalie’s driveway. He does this to try and save Leonard from what is going to happen if Natalie’s drug dealer boyfriend Jimmy gets into trouble. Leonard is apprehensive because of the note on Teddy’s picture that said do not trust his lies. Come to find out Natalie was tricking Leonard by going in and out of the house just long enough for him to remember what had just happened. To fix Leonard’s short term memory loss I would recommend him to a doctor who could prescribe him medicine or tell him what supplements to take to help improve short term memory loss. Also I would tell him to make sure he gets his exercise, and go to conseling for his traumatic experience with his wife dying. This could have saved him from killing someone....
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