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ENGL1301.SC1 Essay 1 - or “I” in this essay. The essay...

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English 1301.SC1: Essay 1, Personal Narrative Write a personal narrative about a single event in your life in which you felt like an “outsider .” In the process of telling this story, you should either reveal how this event helped to form the person you are today or you should demonstrate the kind of person you were during this time. In addition, you should demonstrate the significance of the particular time and place (environment) in which the event occurred. In your narrative, be sure to include specific details and descriptions to evoke your experience, express something about yourself, and capture the moment and place. Your purpose is to engage your audience as you show and tell a story that reveals insights about who you are or were . Having a conflict in your narrative is a great way to engage readers. For this essay your audience will be your fellow classmates and your instructor , who may not know much about you other than that you are a student. You will use first person
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Unformatted text preview: or “I” in this essay. The essay should be organized in a coherent manner so that your readers can follow your thoughts. Keep in mind that your instructor will expect varied sentence structure, good diction, relatively few grammatical errors, correct spelling (remember to use spell check), and the format as specified under Appearance in the sheet titled “Grading Standards in Composition/Rhetoric Courses,” which is included in your syllabus. Review this same sheet to ensure you understand what is expected of an A paper, a B paper, etc. The paper should be at least 550 words (not including heading). You must submit your essay to Turnitin.com to ensure that it is plagiarism free . Papers that are not submitted to Turnitin.com will not be graded . You must also give me a hard copy of your essay. Every class day an essay is late will result in the loss of 10 points . No essays will be accepted two weeks after the due date....
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