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MLA Works Cited Documentation Help Sheet - MLA Works Cited...

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MLA Works Cited Documentation: Updated to Reflect 2009 Revisions When creating your Works Cited page, remember to: Begin the Works Cited on a new page, but number consecutively (if last page of essay is 5, the Works Cited is page 6) Alphabetize each entry by first letter, but ignore articles (the, a, an) Italicize titles of books, magazines, films, newspapers, longer plays, works of art, epic poems, titles of CDs Put quotation marks around titles of poems, short stories, articles, essays—basically any part of a larger whole except for an entire work from an anthology that fits any of the categories above under italics—in this case, italicize both the long work and the name of the anthology. Indent the 2 nd line, the 3 rd line, and all subsequent lines of each citation one-half inch. Double Space all entries (entries below are single spaced to save room). Print Sources: Books Example of Correct Citation Type of Citation_____ Smith, Leslie. Lady Sings the Blues . New York: Book Harcourt, 1978. Print. (1 author) ___________________________________________________________________________ Leonard, Paula, and Neal Abrams. The Guide to Long Book Living . Boston: Prentice, 2000. Print. (2-3 authors) ___________________________________________________________________________ Winston, Anne, et al. Music Theory: Beyond Basics. Book Logan: Utah State UP, 2004. Print. (4 or more authors) ____________________________________________________________________________ Maitland, Sam. Own Devices . Ed. Isabel Wolf. Austin: Book U of Texas P, 2010. Print. (1 editor) ____________________________________________________________________________ Shaw, Melissa. Forces of Nature . Ed. Edith Blake and John Snow. Book New York: Somerset, 1978. Print. (2-3 editors) ____________________________________________________________________________ Roberts, Luther. Welsh Hiking Trails . Ed. Bonnie Hilton, et al. Book Swansea: Celtic Press, 1982. Print. (4 or more editors) _____________________________________________________________________________ O’Brien, Gary, ed. Best Short Stories 2010 . Atlanta:
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MLA Works Cited Documentation Help Sheet - MLA Works Cited...

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