Symbols for Corrected Essays

Symbols for Corrected Essays - MEANING OF SYMBOLS...

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Unformatted text preview: MEANING OF SYMBOLS / ABBREVIATIONS ON C ORRECTED ESSAYS Many of the symbols/abbreviations below cross-reference to The Brief Penguin Handbook (3rd . edition) with marking symbols/abbreviations bracketed in [ bold ], followed by relevant chapter(s) and section(s) bracketed in [ bold italics ] when available. Ideas—Logic, Reasoning, Explanation, and Evidence [ Thesis? ]: No thesis or weak thesis. State thesis explicitly or make sure it is strongly implied by the essay. Thesis should be a compelling main idea. [ 2d ; 9c ] [ Reason? ]: No reason provided to support claim. [ 9c ] [ Logic? ]: Idea appears illogical; may be a logical fallacy. Avoid logical fallacies. [ 5c ] [ Overgeneral ]: Overgeneralization. Qualify to avoid making a statement that has exceptions. [ Develop ]: Idea needs development. Provide sufficient, complete explanations for ideas. [ Evidence? ]: Lacks evidence or not enough evidence to support ideas. Provide sufficient, compelling evidence for ideas. [ Counterargument? ]: Doesn’t consider/acknowledge an opposing view. Be sure to acknowledge an opposing view when a strong and/or prevalent one exists. Organization—Essay as a Whole and Paragraphs [ Title? ]: Not an engaging title or title doesn’t seem to fit essay. [ Org? ]: Overall organization of the essay is unclear. Essay should progress in a manner that makes sense....
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Symbols for Corrected Essays - MEANING OF SYMBOLS...

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