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English 1302: Essay 1, Analysis of an Issue in a Literary Text Choose one of the following literary texts: “The Colonel” (1155-1156 in MLM ) “Punishment” (1157-1158 in MLM ) “Parsley” (1159-1161 in MLM ) “Capital Punishment” (1152-1165 in MLM ) Antigone (1274-1314 in MLM ) “In the Penal Colony” (979-998 in MLM ) “A Good Man is Hard to Find” (1249- 1261 in MLM ) Do a critical reading of your chosen text. Your essay should have a thought- provoking thesis , or main point, which should appear in the opening paragraph or near the beginning of the essay. Your thesis should answer a question you have about the text (an issue) . The remainder of the essay should prove your thesis . In the process, you should consider and address relevant counterarguments . You might want to choose one of the topics in literary studies described in Making Literature Matter (25-26) to help you come up with an issue for the text. The essay should be
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