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Creative Project Summer 2011

Creative Project Summer 2011 - originality in...

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Creative Project and Presentation: Artistic Inspiration (50 points for creative object and 50 for presentation) Concept You will explore how a creative work can serve as an inspiration for further artistic creation. You will pick an artwork (song, painting, architecture, photograph, film, sculpture, dance piece, poem, story, or novel) that is discussed in the text and/or in class that you think exemplifies either truth, beauty, or goodness. You will use this work as your inspiration to create something unique. Format You must turn in an artwork created by you that you will present to the class. This artwork can be a photograph, painting, drawing, collage, or sculpture. This piece must be an original work made specifically for this assignment. You are not merely copying another work of art. You are being inspired by it to create something new. Grading This project is designed to get you to think and act creatively; therefore,
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Unformatted text preview: originality in conceptualization and execution will strongly impact the resulting grade. In addition, the project should convey the depth of thought and time and effort undertaken to present it. Presentation Your presentation describes: 1. What art work inspired you and why 2. The title of your artwork 3. How your artwork is expressing the concept and your creative process , for example, aesthetic choices you made and why and your ideas about why you think the original artwork is beautiful, true, or good. Because of time limitations, we only have five minutes per each presentation. This means that you must be prepared and ready to present your project in the most economical manner possible. In addition, work on speaking clearly, confidently, and slowly enough for your audience to follow you....
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