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Microsoft Word - Extra Credit Summer 09

Microsoft Word - Extra Credit Summer 09 - What did you...

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Extra Credit Class Work (10 points) Purpose of the Extra Credit Work This work allows you to supplement your understanding of the class material. You may only do one extra credit paper!! You have several options: 1. Go to a school sponsored event. I will announce these in class. 2. Read one of the EReserves not assigned for class Content and Form After doing one of the above, you will write a two page paper discussing what you heard, saw or read and how it impacted you.
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Unformatted text preview: What did you learn from it? What were the most engaging aspects of the presentation/reading? How did it relate to the class material? As always, please double space your paper, use clear organization and good grammar and cite any outside sources besides the reading itself. Also, any work suspected of plagiarism will receive an automatic 0 and could incur disciplinary action. Due Date Final Class Date. NO LATE WORK TAKEN!...
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