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2401 Lab practical 1

2401 Lab practical 1 - Epithelial tissues –...

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Lab practical 1- 2401 anatomy and Physiology I – Lab session This list is general. We might add/take off some topics in class. It is your responsibility to update this review list Ex. 1 – The language of anatomy - Anatomical position - Surface anatomy (i.e. nasal, carpal, gluteal etc.) - Body orientation and direction (i.e. anterior, proximal etc.) - Body planes/sections - Body cavities - Abdominopelvic quadrants and 9 regions Ex. 2 – Organ systems Ex. 6A – Classification of tissues
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Unformatted text preview: - Epithelial tissues – classification, function and location- Connective tissues - classification, function and location- Muscle tissues - classification, function and location Ex. 7 – The integumentary system- Skin structure – both slides and models- Accessory organs of the skin – hair, nail and glands – slides and models Ex.8 – Membranes Know the membranes types, structure location and function...
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