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Agony and Ecstasy handout

Agony and Ecstasy handout - them nodded I think she took...

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Agony and Ecstasy by Norris Armstrong University of Georgia-Athens A case study The case Susan, a new intern at the local hospital, was working the admissions desk one Monday morning. A man and a woman rushed through the doors, carrying a second woman. “Help! Can you help us?” one called. Susan and a nurse rushed them into an exam room. “What happened?” Susan asked while examining the patient. “We don’t know!” the female student sobbed. “Brittany started feeling sick at a party last night. She came home and went to sleep, but then couldn’t wake up this morning. She was acting so weird we decided to bring her here.” Susan carefully observed the woman lying on the table. She was rolling her head and clearly seemed confused. However, there were no obvious signs of trauma. “Has Brittany taken any drugs recently?” Susan asked. The two students hesitated and looked at each other. Finally one of
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Unformatted text preview: them nodded. I think she took some Ecstasy last night. Susan thought for a moment. Ecstasy had been fairly popular on the party scene for several years now. She had seen people on the drug become somewhat confused, but not delirious. Maybe Brittany was having an adverse reaction to the drug. It was a start. To be safe, Susan ordered a series of blood tests. In the meantime, she checked her medical references to find out as much as she could about how Ecstasy affected the body. Brittanys Blood Test Results Item and measure Normal Brittany Heart Rate (beats/min) 60-100 90 Blood Pressure (mmHg) 90/50 - 140/90 135/87 Temperature (F) 98.6 99 Glucose (mg/dl) 60-109 72 Sodium-Na+ (mM/L) 135-146 115 Potassium-K+ (mM/L) 3.5-5.5 2.9 Chloride-Cl- (mM/L) 95-109 95 O2 (mmHg) 80-100 93 CO2 (mM/L) 22-32 24...
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