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Brain study guide 1. Identify the layers of brain protection - bone and meninges. Identify dura matter folds 2. Cerebrospinal fluid – origin, location and functions External view 1. Identify the parts of the brain: cerebrum, cerebellum. Brain stem, diencephalons ( can it be seen from the outside? ) 2. Cerebrum Identify 5 lobes – can they all be seen from the outside? Identify main sulci, fissures and gyri Identify main functional area of the cerebrum 3. Brain stem Identify the 3 parts of the brain stem: Mid brain (mesencephalon), pos, medulla oblongata 4. Diencephalon Identify external structure tat are associated with the diencephalons: pituitary gland and infundibulum, mammillary bodies Internal view 1. Open the brain to midsagittal plan and identify the following: - Ventricles and - choroids plexus 2. Cerebrum structures and areas: - cerebral cortex (gray matter – what is it made of ?), white
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Unformatted text preview: matter ( what is it made of? ), Basal nuclei ( what are they made of? ), what ventricle/s are located in the cerebrum, fornix, corpus callosum 3. Cerebellum structures and areas: - cerebellar cortex (gray matter – what is it made of ?), white matter/arbor vitae ( what is it made of? ), vermis 4. Diencephalon structures and areas – thalamus (lobes, interthalamic adhesion), hypothalamus ( what external structures are associated with the hypothalamus ?), epithalamus ( what structures make the epithalamus ?), what ventricle is associated with the diencephalon 4. Brain stem structures and areas – mesencephalon and cerebral peduncles, pons, medulla oblongata, what ventricle is associated with the brain stem, cerebral/mesencephalic aqueduct, Corpora quadrigemina (superior and inferior culliculi Use the table on the website to learn the brain structures’ functions...
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