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LABORATORY PROCEDURES: SAFETY AND TECHNIQUES 1. LOCATE THE SAFETY EQUIPMENT DESCRIBED BELOW: A . Emergency Exit Routes : There are signs on or above each door that can be used as an exit route during an emergency. B. Fire Extinguisher : Pull safety pin out, point house at base of fire, squeeze handle. C. Fire Blanket : Use if clothing should catch fire. Remove the blanket from the container and wrap blanket around the individual. Roll the person on the floor to smother the flames. D. Safety Shower : Should any substance spill on your skin or clothing, stand underneath the shower head and pull the metal triangle down. For hose, remove from holding hook, grasp and squeeze metal lever to rinse. E. Eyewash Station : Should any substance be splashed in your eyes, wash them thoroughly. Bend so that eyes are over the spigots, force eyes wide open then push metal plate or remove plastic caps to start water flow. F. Safety Goggles : To keep a chemical substance from being splashed into your eyes, eye protection should be worn during experiments that involve the use of any potentially hazardous chemical. G. First Aid Kit : Minor injuries such as small cuts can be treated effectively in the lab. Open the first aid kit to determine its contents and use as appropriate. Report any injury to your instructor. H.
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