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Assignment I Read Highlight 1 Pick a product that you think is an example of exaggerated nutritional claims Do some web based or other research on that product. (List websites and other sources of information) Do you still think the claims are exaggerated? Explain why you think the claims are exaggerated or what changed your mind. Here are some questions to help you with the assignment What is the product? Precisely what are the claims? What is the composition (nutrient contents, ingredients list) of the product? What is known about the effects of each of the ingredients – both good and bad? What websites or other resources did you use for this research? Why did you choose these websites or resources? How does this information compare with the claims made by the company that makes the
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Unformatted text preview: products? How did this research strengthen your initial idea or has it changed your mind? Do not just express opinions – if you make a statement explain why and where you found the information for that statement. Many students go into this assignment with the notion that the aim is to find something negative - the idea is to honestly investigate the product to try to find both good and/or bad things. Points will be deducted for opinions expressed with no evidence to back up, paper less than one page, sentences left unfinished, poor language. Write a paper using the above information. It should be about 3 pages long (single spaced)....
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