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Chapter 1 study guide

Chapter 1 study guide - 14 Name three things you should...

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Chapter 1 study guide 1. List the six major nutrients 2. What are the various ways in which you can categorize nutrients? E.g. essential/nonessential (There are at least four total) What is the basis for each method of categorization. 3. State the five characteristics of a healthy diet. 4. Tell how a particular culture or circumstance can impact a person’s food choices. 5. Describe and give an example of the major types of research studies . Know when each type of study may be used. 6. What are essential nutrients? 7. What is a calorie? What is a Calorie? 8. What is an enriched food? 9. What is a fortified food? 10. Name five factors that drive food choices. 11. What are the steps to the scientific method? 12. What is an epidemiological study? 13. What is the number one source of diet/food information for U.S. citizens?
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Name three things you should look for when trying to determine if the nutrition study is believable. 15. How many calories in a carbohydrate? Protein? Lipid (fat)? 16. How can an individual’s nutrition status be assessed 17. Know the stages in nutrient deficiencies and how they may be identified 18. Explain Energy Density and Nutrient Density 19. Explain why the breakfast on the left side on page 9 is healthier in terms of energy and nutren density. 20. Know the “alphabet soup” of nutrient standards. For e.g when do we use AI instead of RDA? 21. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad. Explain the two ways in which this statement applies to nutrition. 22. What is malnutrition? 23. What are the leading causes of death in the US? Also use study guide at the end of each chapter!...
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