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Chapter 2 study guide

Chapter 2 study guide - 6 Describe the parts of a wheat...

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Chapter 2 study guide 1. What do the letters A, B, C, D M, and V stand for? 2. What is the concept of Nutrient Density? 3. Know the new USDA food guide pyramid and the Healthy Eating food guide pyramid. 4. Can you interpret the information on a Food Label? Know the components and importance of each component of a Food Label. 5. Explain the difference in nutrition level between white bread and whole grain bread.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Describe the parts of a wheat grain. 7. Describe four ways in which you can reduce portion size/calories when you eat out. 8. What is the Discretionary kCalorie allowance? 9. Know what Nutrient Claims, Health Claims and Structure-Function Claims. 10. What are the benefits and drawbacks of a Vegetarian diet? Also use study guide at the end of each chapter!...
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