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Chapter 3 study guide

Chapter 3 study guide - 9 What are villi where are they...

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Chapter 3 study guide 1. What is the smallest unit capable of life? 2. Know the key terms of the organizational structure of the body starting with the cell on up to the organ system. 3. What are the different problems that must be solved for digestion to happen? 4. Know the basic path of food through the complete digestive system and what happens in each part. 5. What is peristalsis? 6. What is chyme? 7. How is the stomach protected from the digestive acids? 8. Describe what happens in the small intestine during digestion.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What are villi where are they found and what do they do? 10. How does the large intestine help in digestion? 11. Approximately how many species of bacteria can be found in the large intestine? And what role do they play? 12. What is the role of these bacteria in nutrition and health? 13. What is the benefit of eating yogurt? What is a probiotic? 14. What path does fat take after it is absorbed in the small intestine? Also use study guide at the end of each chapter!...
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