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Chapter 5 Study Guide 1. Describe the three classes of lipids 2. Name five ways fats are useful in the body. 3. What percent of dietary and stored fat is triglycerides? 4. Describe how a saturated fatty acid is different from an unsaturated fatty acid. 5. Why are fats solid at room temperature and oils liquid at room temperature? 6. Give two examples of food items that are mostly unsaturated fats and two that are mostly saturated fat. 7. What is a phospholipid? 8. TRUE/FALSE: Phospholipids are insoluble in both water and fat. 9. What is an emulsifier? 10. Describe the composition of a sterol and a common name for one. 11. Give a detailed description of how the body digests and absorbs fats. 12. What are chylomicrons and what is their function? 13. How is your stored fat used for energy?
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Just eaten fat travels in the blood stream as _____________ 15. What are LDL and HDL? 16. What five foods contribute about 70% of the food cholesterol to the diet? 17. If you wanted to lower your LDL, what three foods on the top of the LDL list should you cut back on? 18. Name three actions you can take to reduce your LDL. 19. Why are omega-3 fatty acids important? 20. Are hydrogenated oils healthy? 21. TRUE/FALSE: Trans fatty acids pose a threat to health? 22. What effect do trans fats have on the body? 23. TRUE/FALSE: If a food lacks trans fats, it is good for you. 24. What is Olestra? 25. Name three tips to reduce fat in high-fat recipes. 26. Name three reasons why nuts may lower heart disease. Also use study guide at the end of each chapter!...
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