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Chapter 14 study guide 1. List and describe the components of fitness. 2. Learn the details of the exercise pyramid. 3. What are the benefits of exercise and fitness? 4. Describe the overload principle 5. What is conditioning? 6. What is hypertrophy? What is atrophy? When does each of these happen? 7. What are the benefits of cardio respiratory endurance training? 8. How is glucose use affected by exercise?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What is the immediate source of energy in muscles? How is this replenished? 10. What kind of exercise uses fat for energy? 11. What is interval training? 12. How is iron deficiency related to training? 13. What are good and beverage choices for exercise and why? 14. How does caffeine affect training? 15. What are the effects of steroids on males and females? 16....
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