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Vitamins and Minerals Study Guide

Vitamins and Minerals Study Guide - 13 Explain how our...

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Vitamins, Minerals and Phytochemicals study guide 1. Know what groups Vitamins fall into with regards to presence of carbon, amounts needed and source of energy. 2. What are the differences between Water Soluble & Fat Soluble Vitamins? 3. What are Phytochemicals? 4. Know the protective roles of the phytochemicals that we discussed in class. 5. Which Vitamins function as antioxidants? 6. How do antioxidants function? 7. How does the deficiency of Vitamin D affect children and grown ups? 8. Describe how calcium concentrations in blood are maintained by hormones. 9. Women should ensure that they are getting sufficient calcium throughout their lives. Explain why. 10. Describe the different factors that positively or negatively affect bone density. 11. Describe the functions of water in the body. 12. Explain the difference between hard and soft water in terms of composition and use.
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Explain how our kidneys function. Include the role of rennin, Angiotensin etc. 14. Explain why vegetables “sweat” when salted and raisins plump up in water. 15. How is the pH of the blood maintained? 16. Who should consume electrolyte containing drinks and why? For whom are these drinks not necessary and why? 17. What are some factors/compounds that could reduce the bioavailability of certain minerals? 18. How is iron stored in the body? 19. In what form is iron best absorbed? 20. What factors/compounds affect the availability of iron? 21. Know the significant sources of iron. 22. What are some important contaminant minerals? How does each one affect the human body? 23. Explain how Vitamin A functions in vision....
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